2020-2021 Saintsville Academy & Preparatory Information

School Supply List 2020-2021

Saintsville Preparatory School was founded in August 2000. It was founded under the leadership of Tiffany Pace-Whitaker. As a protégé of Marva Collins Preparatory School in Chicago, Mrs. Whitaker believed there was a strong need for academia of this same caliber in her hometown of Fort Worth. Guided by the Holy Spirit, she decided to bring forth this dynamic new way of teaching to this city, spreading the word that “EVERY CHILD CAN LEARN AND BECOME SUCCESSFUL!”

ACADEMY 18 months – 4 years old

The Academy is a unique, early childhood program for children 18 months to 4 years old. We also provide an After School Program with daily van service. Our curriculum is heavily phonics based and is thoroughly taught. We believe that reading readiness begins during the toddler stage and should be emphasized daily. We also teach math readiness, poetry, vocabulary, science, and have chapel every morning.


Saintsville Prep School is first and foremost designed to help each child reach their highest level of achievement and to provide a college preparatory curriculum that prepares children for a more global society. Our goal is to expand knowledge beyond the classroom and help children understand the importance of success and the perils of failure. The way to help a child reach his/her highest level of achievement is to simply instill a belief of excellence through every endeavor into their minds. At Saintsville, we believe that every child has the ability to learn. If challenged, we believe that every child can become a thinker and not just a doer. If these lessons and beliefs are practiced consistently on a daily basis there is no reason why any child should fail.

Our Curriculum consists of:

Phonics – Reading – Comprehension – Language Arts – Writing – World Geography/History – Mathematics – Spanish – Poetry – Computer Skills – Music – Drama – Formal Testing: Iowa Test of Basic Skills

Academy and Before/After School Program Hours: 6am-6pm, M-F
Preparatory School Hours: 8:30am-3:00pm
Email us at: tpw197440@gmail.com or call 817-451-3737.